Indian Cuisine – Common Myths Busted


Indian cuisine is a result of thousands of years of evolution and is popular all over the world.  Traditional Indian cooking will attract anyone who loves fresh and hot food. The problem is that Indian dishes are so different from American or Canadian or Britain dishes that most people are not fully aware of the realities associated with Indian cuisine. People hesitate to enter an Indian restaurant in Brampton because of the commonly formed misconceptions. This article purports to wash away all those misconceptions and make clear the greatness of Indian foods.

Myth – 1: Indian foods are too spicy for liking

Indian foods are too spicy

The misconception is probably known throughout the world but the one so untrue that any Indian chef would laugh about it. The spices used and the chilies involved have led to this myth. But the fact is all of the Indian dishes are not spicy and involve the use of many spices and chilies. The key factor about Indian cooking is using the spices in a perfect blend to create a taste so wonderful that one would not even feel the spices involved in making a dish.

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If you go to the Mayura restaurant in Brampton, you can understand how spices give a sublime taste and do not concern with providing “spicy” factors. Know more about Mayura restaurant by following the link.

Myth -2: Indian dishes are unhealthy and lead to obesity

Indian dishes

One thing is for sure no food in the world is as unhealthy as the canned foods processed in industries. Further, if anyone claims that Indian food is unhealthy can visit any Indian restaurant in Brampton and check how the dishes are made. There are ingredients like turmeric, cloves, ginger, etc. that would help in the increase of immunity towards various infections. Of course, there are some 1% of oily foods that are unhealthy but that does not mean that the remaining 99% foods are problematic. With the involvement of various spices, vegetables, and meat Indian dishes are considered to be one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. The fact is, the individual has to choose the dish that would suit him best if not such misconceptions will arise.

Myth – 3: Indian foods are not suitable for those following a diet

Indian foods

As mentioned above, any cuisine is a mixed bag of healthy and unhealthy foods. It depends on the individual to select the right food based on the diet plan he is following. If the order in an Indian restaurant in Brampton contains dishes that are either too oily or too spicy [like puri or tandoori] the result would be obviously bad. There are items like dal, pulka, naan, chapati, fish, etc. that are considered to be very healthy. These items can reduce cholesterol and develop great resistance to diseases.

Myth – 4: Curry powder is a must in Indian dishes

Curry powder is a must in Indian dishes

Just because gravy dishes have a suffix of curry, it does not mean that all those dishes involve the use of curry powder. Curry powder or garam masala is prepared using fresh ingredients and is used to enhance the taste of the ingredients. However, most dishes have very little or no involvement of curry powder as the spices themselves act as enhancers of taste.

Now that you know that common misbelieve over Indian cuisine are false, find the right Indian restaurant Brampton and dive in to enjoy the delicious food adored around the world for centuries.

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