BBQs 2u Presents The 12” Pizza Range in Their Ooni Koda Oven Series for Small Families

BBQs 2u the leading retailers selling the best quality Kamado Joe grills and Napoleon barbeques also stock a wide range of Ooni Koda pizza ovens that are gas-powered. Some of their pizza oven ranges can also be used to make stone-baked or wood-fired pizzas that most people in the UK relish.


The experts at BBQs 2u have a great deal of knowledge regarding grilling with barbecues and they feel delighted to pass on that skills and expertise to their customers. They believe that working with smoke imparts an earthy flavor to our food which brings us back to the humans to their roots.

Even the pizzas cooked with these traditional methods taste way better than the ones cooked in electric ovens. All those who want to take a step up with their grilling games must-visit online or offline stores of BBQs 2u to check out their entire range of grilling products and accessories.

All pizza lovers can check their website for Ooni Koda 12 Deal to buy pizza ovens at discounted prices and might even enjoy deals to get free accessories while checking out. The pizza oven just needs a heat-up cycle of about 20 minutes after which hot, stone-baked pizzas can be delivered at every 60-second interval.

The gas-powered ovens are very convenient in usage and allow for an easy heat control mechanism which is not possible when wood or charcoal is used as fuel. Also, the need for cleaning the residue after completion of cooking gets reduced to a large extent. These ovens work on propane gas and not on regular LPG supplied in the kitchens.

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Ooni Karu 12

The letterbox door of the ovens makes sliding the pizzas easier. Also, the stone baking board comes in the box of the oven that can also be used to cook vegetables and roast meat. The oven reaches very high temperatures quickly, approximately 500 degrees that is ideal for cooking stone-baked pizza in seconds. Apart from the pizza ovens, BBQs 2u is the leading and authorized supplier of all Kamado Joe UK products.

Customers can also book their orders on the website and collect them from the nearest BBQs 2u store. They can also take advantage of the live demonstrations that can give them a brief on the best ways to utilize their new appliance with ease.

The biggest retail chain in the UK, BBQs 2u also carries out the biggest giveaways on their Instagram profile bbqs2u. All barbeque lovers should check out their profile to get a chance to participate in their next giveaways where you can win a grand Kamado Joe grill or meat hamper that your entire family can enjoy.


All the products at BBQs 2u come with a guarantee of a minimum of 1-3 years and they also provide a whooping 60 days as a part of their return policy. If anyone feels that their pizza ovens are damaged or not producing desired cooking results, they can always get back to BBQs 2u or Ooni and avail of the 60 days buy-back refund on their purchase.

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