Know More about North Caroline and Places to Live Before Moving There

 North Caroline
Are you planning to move to a different city with a distinct southern charm? North Carolina is the place you are looking for. The state offers everything you can wish for, a mild climate, booming art scene, diverse population, and warm hospitality. North Carolina has plenty of job opportunities.

With a lower cost of living, you can live a high-quality life in North Carolina. On the whole, it is one of the best places to call home. In case, you are moving to North Carolina shipping your car to South Carolina is made easy with Ship A Car, Inc. The Ship a Car, Inc has years of experience in superior shipping of vehicles to people relocating to a different city or state.

The Ship a Car Inc is effortlessly shipping heavy haul equipment and vehicles. After talking about how you can plan your move to North Caroline, let’s talk about the state and the best places to live after moving to the state.

An overview of North Carolina
Live Before Moving There

North Caroline has a slightly more than 10 million population and is the 9th largest state in the United States as per population. It is the birthplace of many big brands like Krispy Kreme, Pepsi, and Cheerwine. As far as living goes, North Caroline is as good as it gets. The weather is mild, and people living here get to enjoy all four prominent seasons in their full glory.

The geographical features make North Caroline a treat for outdoor lovers. In the west, you can see the spectacular mountains, the coastal plains covering the east, and the piedmonts occupying the middle. The state is diverse economically and ethically. It is what makes it a great place to live. People here are hospitable and warm, it has high-quality life, and plenty of job opportunities.

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The state is booming with the art and cultural scene. On the other hand, North Caroline is home to some of the top colleges in the United States. It is easy for a person to know why this place lives up to its motto and reputation.



Morrisville, in Wake County, stands as the 5th best place to live in the country. The city offers a suburban feel and vibrant culture and is in the west of Raleigh – Durham International Airport. Morrisville possesses diverse neighborhoods, gorgeous parks, and plenty of job opportunities.

Morrisville is a tech town and one of the best places for running a small business. The central location of this place makes it easily commutable for residents. The schools here are great, and you can have plenty of happening and family-oriented events all year long make it an excellent place for raising a family.



Waxhaw has nothing to fall behind in charming people. The town has the best of both mountains and beaches. The location of the city is a few miles away from the border of South Carolina. The small and quaint city is home to the most beautiful house county in the country.

Other places to live

Check out the list of other places to live in North Carolina.

  • Cary
  • Wake Forest
  • Apex
  • Raleigh
  • Harrisburg
  • Asheville
  • Stallings
  • Marvin
  • Winston – Salem
  • Wesley chapel
  • Holly Springs
  • Mills river

Hopefully, this recommendation will help you in choosing and planning your move to North Caroline.

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