Common Misconceptions About Children’s Fitness

Common Misconceptions About Children’s Fitness

All parents want to give their children the best life and making sure that they’re healthy is one the greatest parental responsibilities. Children’s health and fitness are among the essentials of parenting. And many kids love going on hikes, swimming in a pool, or jumping on the trampoline at a local fun park like Uptown Jungle in Avondale.

But how often does your kid need to exercise? What kind of workout is best for them? And how do you get them to be more physically active if they aren’t into it?

It’s quite normal to get confused because there are so many varying opinions on these subjects. Parenting is  about providing your children with love and understanding, exposing them to new experiences, and finding something that works for them. However, accessing the right information can be very helpful.

Read on to uncover some of the greatest misconceptions about kids’ fitness. After dispelling these false beliefs, you’ll find it much easier to keep your precious baby fit and healthy.

Myth # 1: Exercise can Hinder a Child’s Growth. 

Common Misconceptions

This is a common myth that may stop you from signing your little one up for sports. However, the truth is working out has a positive effect on your child’s muscle strength and bone development. Strength training is often said to be the most detrimental to growth, but it can be beneficial if it’s done under professional supervision. Professional coaches can teach older kids to lift weights in a safe, age-appropriate, and attractive way.

Myth # 2: Organized Sports are the only way to Exercise.

Organized sports are a fantastic type of workout, but children do not need to participate if that’s not the kind of activity they prefer. They definitely do offer some benefits. For example, some children are not interested in sports unless they interact with teammates and have coaches to support their learning. But these activities are effective at maintaining good health.

Myth # 3: You Need to Force Your Kids to Exercise.

Making your kids do sports probably won’t be of much help. This is rarely the best way to introduce them to exercise. It’s actually more likely to cause resentment and resistance than help them discover the fun of it.

A much better technique is to ensure they love every minute of their workout. For example, you could try being active together.

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Children’s Fitness

Myth # 4: Children can Never Get Enough Exercise.

In fact, working out too much could exhaust and overwhelm children. It may even lead to them refusing to go to practice and develop a dislike for sports. It’s vital for their activity level to fit their fitness and age. The key is to choose an activity that’s moderately difficult. This way, it won’t be too hard, but it’ll still be interesting and engaging, and they’ll feel like they’re making progress.

Myth # 5: Overweight Children need to be Put on a Diet.

A restrictive diet like crash diets are never recommended for either kids or adults. Putting pressure on your kids by obsessing about their calorie intake or making them overthink the food they eat can have serious consequences. Children who are exposed to diet culture at a young age are more likely to develop disordered eating habits.

Instead, focus on helping them lose weight by staying physically active and having fun doing it. Also, offer them healthier, more nutritious food options that are still super tasty and fulfilling. This formula works like a charm and it doesn’t pose a risk of developing eating disorders.

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