Few Common Queries Related to Collaborative Divorce

Few Common Queries Related to Collaborative Divorce

Separating from your spouse and then eventually getting a divorce is a quite difficult path to walk. It seems to be challenging, expensive, and quite depressing. Some divorces are too complicated legal affair that requires the assistance of expert lawyers, money, time, and loads of patience.

There are many kinds of divorce and one of them is collaborative divorce. It is less stressful as in this type of divorce, the couple without any dispute negotiates amiably to all terms of the divorce proceedings. You can know more in detail about this type of divorce from expert lawyer firm websites such as Thompson Salinas Londergan LLP.

They are one of the best attorneys in Texas specializing in Collaborative law. A person applying for divorce prefers to have a peaceful one without fighting in court. Thus collaborative kind of divorce seems to be the best option however they prefer to clear their doubts before deciding to opt for this divorce.

Most common questions associated with collaborative divorce:

Few Common Queries Related to Collaborative Divorce1

Do this divorce needs the help of a lawyer?

  • Of course, it isn’t like an amicable divorce so you need to hire a lawyer who can draft the documents, and sit with you both to point out the things to be finalized like property, division of debt, child support, custody of children, and a lot more. Surely this type of divorce is less contested but surely it will prove to be equivalent to a roller coaster ride. However, the involvement of the judge is less, thus less stressful.

Do there is a need for Neutrals in this type of divorce?

  • According to Texas law, the answer is positive. You need neutral people with expertise in finance and a counselor of the mental health professional. The finance expert’s job is to gather all the information about the financial status of the couple and help them to solve the matter of finance before finalizing the divorce. The other professional assists would be separating spouses to plan their child’s future and sit with them to discuss in detail the way they want to distribute their things at home and more.
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Is the procedure of this collaborative kind of divorce finished fast as compared to other divorce procedures?

Collaborative Divorce

  • You can’t predict the time limit as sometimes it takes more time because of some valid reasons. However, you need to understand that it will take at least sixty days in getting divorced.

Will it be more expensive than other kinds of divorce procedures?

  • Once again, you can’t say as it depends on lots of factors. However, it won’t be quite lengthy as the divorces where both the party are busy fighting for their rights. Thus, can save money.

The collaborative kind of divorce is much preferred by a couple who wants to separate peacefully without any dispute. Once you prefer to do the collaborative process of separating legally from your spouse then the first thing to do is hire an expert lawyer well-knowledgeable in helping the couple to get divorced without facing lots of hassles. It surely saves time, and money and promotes peace of mind compared to others like the contested divorce.

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