Submit Your Housing Medical Assessment If You Need Housing Due to Your Health Condition

A medical assessment is a certain process that is used for assessing your health and also how it can affect your housing. It is used to decide if we can award you a greater priority to improving your position on the housing list.

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Housing Medical

How to apply?

If you are applying for a medical assessment then you need to fill up the required application form. The application must be in detail so that you can hope for a fair assessment on your application.

You have to complete this form to join the housing register, or if you are a council tenant and also have a certain disability/medical condition and you want consideration for your housing application.

To fill up this form, you must have the following:

  • The application reference number of your housing
  • Details about your present medical condition or disability
  • Details of any medical treatment that you are receiving
  • Contact information of your doctor
  • All copies of relevant documents that you want to upload with your application.
  • You need to describe how your present medical condition/disability is affecting your housing situation.

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How the medical assessment will affect your housing application?

You will get priority to social housing depending on your medical need. Based on the recommendations obtained about your property type, you may need it because of any disabilities or mobility requirements.

Medical priority bands

Housing Medical

There are 4 levels of medical priorities given:

  • Band A
  • Band B
  • Band C
  • Band D.

Band A has the highest priority and Band D has the lowest.

1. Band A (emergency medical need)

You will be awarded Band A in case your household contains one or more members having a life-threatening illness/disability, and whose housing situation is affecting their health severely.

2. Band B (urgent medical need)

You will be awarded Band B in case any one member of your household or more has got a serious illness/disability and their current living conditions are upsetting their health to a high degree and where a move is needed to improve the health of that individual.

3. Band C (less urgent medical need)

You will be awarded Band C in case one or more of your households has any moderate illness/disability, which is affected adversely by their condition of living, and where a move is needed to improve their health.

4. Band D (no medical need)

Housing Medical

You will be awarded Band D in case you have any member/member having illness/disability where rehousing can improve their quality of life, but the present living conditions are not significantly harmful to their health/functional ability.


You can be placed in all these bands for a different range of medical and also non-medical reasons. The overall band priority will be the highest that you qualify for.

As an example, if you are qualified for Band B because of overcrowding, and Band C because of medical need, your overall priority is going to be Band B as this is the higher priority of the two.

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