Best B2C Trade Show Give Aways

giveaways. Potential customers come to trade shows looking to learn more about companies and develop their attachment to favorite brands. The strategic use of giveaways targets to the B2C market can skyrocket your results for greater ROI.

B2C Trade Show Giveaways

Why Giveaways Are Important in the B2C Market

The current generation of consumers is looking for more than just a good product. They seek a relationship with the providers of the products they buy. When they spend their money, they want to support a good company, doing good work, for good reasons. That’s why you spend so much time creating a brand, spreading the word, and developing a reputation in the marketplace.

When consumers attend a trade show, they are open to new products, new relationships and are willing to strengthen their loyalty to current brands.

B2C Giveaways for Trade Shows

The first step to determining what giveaways are best for your brand is identifying your target audience. These end-users are usually identified through demographic information like age, gender, education, location, or interests. For example, if your product appeals to middle-aged men, chances are a giveaway of a pink stuffed animal will not go over well. On the other hand, if your brand appeals to young mothers, you may have a winner on your hands. Choose your gifts based on the recipients – just like you would any present given for any occasion.

B2C Trade Show Giveaways

Loyalty Points

You can offer QR codes with extra loyalty points for your loyalty program to generate leads. Consumers can redeem points for online purchases on your website.

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Trial Access to Apps

If you have an app, give limited free trial periods for trade show consumers. Let the potential buyer use your application for a while, so they come to understand the benefits. Then, convert those users into buyers.


Many companies find that distributing paper coupons works well for the B2C market at trade shows. Give away coupons to your own company, but also consider leisure passes and vouchers from other companies, like local restaurants or retail stores. Use QR codes so consumers can use their phones to access special savings.

B2C Trade Show Giveaways

Give Away Branded T-shirts or Caps

Probably the classic, all-time favorite trade show giveaways are branded t-shirts or baseball caps. People seldom throw away clothing, so they either wear it and advertise for you, or they give it away. Even if the t-shirt ends up in a thrift store, it still advertises for you every time someone sees it. For best results, add something more to the content besides a logo – make sure anyone can understand what you do just by reading the t-shirt or the baseball cap.


The goal of targeting a B2C market is to create a deeper attachment and more loyalty while building brand value with current and potential customers. Personalizing giveaway items makes for a long-term consumer message as a great strategy for your next trade show giveaway.

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