How To Refill the Ink Cartridge of Your Printer?

By refilling your ink cartridges, you can save a lot of money. A number of refill kits are available to help you reach this goal. To avoid damaging the printer, you must complete this task properly. In short, avoid rushing up when performing this task, to avoid unnecessary damage to your printer. Even though most printer manufacturers don’t recommend refilling cartridges, there are some respectable companies that provide top-quality printer ink refill kits.

Refill the Ink

These kits work almost the same as the replacement cartridges. There are so many companies that are offering printer ink refill kits these days. Looking at so many options, everything might look very confusing to you. To avoid such confusion, you take the help of client reviews online.

Here is a quick suggestion for you if you are looking for the best ink refill kits.

Most of the experts recommend HP ink refill kits, to avoid unnecessary damage to your printer. Need More Ink is a one-stop online where you can find office supplies. This means you don’t have to go anywhere for buying office supplies like ink cartridges etc.

Mentioned below are the steps to refill the ink cartridge of your printer.

  • This process starts with buying an ink refill kit. These kits generally include a syringe, ink, a screw tool, seal covers, and a handbook.  All these items are important to refill your ink cartridge. Remember that, some refill kits are only meant for a certain type of printer. Hence, it is important to know whether the refill kit is model-specific. Most printer companies recommend their clients to use their ink refill kit to refill the ink cartridge. However, if you are not comfortable using the same brand then you could choose the ink refill kits from the other brands.
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Refill the Ink

  • Now you have to prepare the area, where you are planning to refill the ink cartridge. As the ink can be messy, cover that area with a paper towel or a newspaper. For example, if you are planning to do it on a table, then cover the surface of your table with a paper towel or a newspaper. Don’t forget to wear gloves when performing this task, as the ink stains don’t go away easily.
  • Now separate the cartridges from your printer. The process of removing a cartridge may vary depending on the printer. But removing the cartridge is not all a difficult task. You can find this information in your printer’s manual. Read the printer’s manual to get an idea of how to refill your ink cartridge.
  • Check for the ink fill hole on your cartridge. You will find spongy-like material inside an ink fill hole usually. If there is no fill hole then you have to create a hole.

Ink Cartridge

  • Now take the syringe from your kit and fill it with ink. Add the ink slowly into the whole using that syringe. Stop doing it, if you observe any ink oozing out of the hole. Now close the hole using tape or a stopper.
  • Clean and cartridge and re-insert it back into your printer.


Follow the above process to successfully refill your ink cartridge!

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