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Why is it essential to get Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning

Believe it or not, your expensive carpet that is currently your room d├ęcor’s highlight holds up to 200,00 bacteria per square inch. Science has proven carpets to be 4000 times dirtier than toilets in terms of bacteria. Your carpets hold up matter like food, dust, moisture, hair, and skin cells for long periods of time.

The presence of this matter in your carpets can make them extremely adverse for your indoor air quality. A dirty carpet can give birth to infestations, bacteria, viruses, and molds, but at the same time, they play a significant role in our lives. So what can be done to keep your carpets clean and healthy for the environment? Let’s find out.

Don’t clean your Carpets by Yourself!

clean your Carpets

You might think about cleaning your carpet with the most concentrated detergents available in the market, but you still won’t get the desired results. The reason for this is that rugs are heavy textile materials that require thorough cleaning and washing. The material of different types of matting differs based on their textile material.

The different types of carpet materials require different types of procedures to clean them. You might apply the same formula for all your carpets at home, but this will only worsen the situation. You might end up ruining the carpet entirely or leave it wet, increasing the risk for molds and bacteria.

Why should you get professional carpet cleaning services?

professional carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is an art that needs a lot of patience and experience. You should get a carpet cleaning Pakenham because a professional carpet cleaner will examine your carpet’s material and clean it accordingly. They will also take out the strongest stains that you can’t take out by yourself.

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From vacuuming out dust particles to thorough cleaning of stains and drying in high heat to kill all bacteria, no one can do it better. Professional carpet cleaners don’t charge you as much as you think they might. Their services are available for you at low prices with fast delivery. Moreover, they take full responsibility for your carpet’s well-being and take money after the carpet has been cleaned. There is a full money-back guarantee in case anything happens to your carpet.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Process

Carpet Cleaning Process

There is a professional carpet cleaning process that makes it more reliable and efficient than other options. Let’s talk about this process first.

High-power Vacuum

First and foremost, the carpets are vacuumed with high-quality vacuuming equipment to maintain the carpet’s well-being. The rug is cleaned to eradicate and dust or debris particles beforehand. This step clears out the surface and makes it suitable to go through the next steps.


After the vacuum comes to the pre-spraying process, your carpet is sprayed with high-quality detergent during this step. The soap is allowed to set in and absorb in your carpet for a reasonable amount of time. This step makes sure that the detergent reaches all the nooks and crannies of the carpet and thoroughly cleanses it.

Scrubbing and Removal of stains

During this step, your carpet is thoroughly scrubbed to ensure all the stains are removed. The stain removal is done through steam cleaning, loosening, and other such processes. Tough stains are removed, and your carpet is dried thoroughly.

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Sanitization of Floors

It is necessary to ensure that your floors are clean where you will be laying your carpet. For this purpose, the professional cleaners use their top-quality sanitization detergents to clean the area before finally giving you your carpet.

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