What You Need To Know About Becoming A Qualified Barista


Did you know about 60% of Americans drink Tea coffee at least once a day? That is great news for people who want to become baristas. Unfortunately, not everyone can just wake up and make a fabulous cup of mocha or espresso that will keep customers coming for more. Becoming a barista is more than just brewing coffee; it’s an art form.

Skills and traits required to become a barista

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A barista must be someone who absolutely loves making and drinking coffee. Being very passionate about coffee, the taste, the smell; this is the number one skill to becoming a barista.


It takes more than just throwing some coffee beans and water in a coffee maker to make a great cup of coffee. A great barista must pay special attention to how much heat, how much ratio of water and coffee makes that perfect cup.

A good palate:

As a barista, you have to taste your own coffee and see if it’s perfect before serving it to customers. That means you need to have good taste in coffee and the ability to differentiate between various flavors of coffee and tea.

Cheerful and friendly:

You may be making the most delicious cup of coffee in the world and nobody buys it if you are a cranky old man. Coffee is associated with being happy so the person selling it must have excellent people skills and a friendly personality.

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How to become a barista

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There are three ways one can become a barista; through training, experience and practice.

  • If you are already working in the hotel industry, you can take some time every day to watch what the current barista is doing. Be their apprentice and learn everything there is about coffee making.
  • You could take a barista course to learn the basics of the trade and earn you a certificate that can help you secure employment. You can also join the Specialty Coffee Association of America and sign up for their certification after taking the classes. To make your career even more credible, join the Barista Guild of America and take the two tests to be a qualified barista.
  • Lastly, you have to practice. If you do something with passion and dedication enough times, you will perfect the skill. Start by working under an experienced barista, make espressos and mochas at home, practice, practice, practice. Get a job as a junior coffee maker and practice on the different variations until you are ready to be a barista.

Barista working conditions

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Baristas usually work in cafes, coffee shops, restaurants and bars. Their workplaces are usually very busy and noisy and they are always on their feet. On average, a barista makes between $670 and $799 a week and that figure goes up as one gains more experience and of course loyal clientele.

If you are interested and wondering how to become a qualified barista, there is information available online. Do your research, apply the tips listed above and you will be well on your way to your new career.

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