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The Importance of Deck Refinishing

You will probably remember the day that you finished your deck.  Whether you finished it yourself or had it completed professionally; you will have had an immense feeling of pride and probably a desire to show it off to everyone you know.

However, if you do not undertake regular maintenance of your deck; including deck refinishing, then you will quickly have a deck that no one wants to see and is actually dangerous!  There are several reasons why deck refinishing is so important:

Spotting Issues

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The first thing to note if you do not undertake regular deck refinishing is that there will be no way to see what issues are happening on your deck.  Screws or nails may work loose; key areas may be worn or you may even find part of your deck is rotting.

If these issues are spotted during an annual check then you can easily repair them before they become a major issue.  If left, you may end up replacing the deck rather than undertaking deck refinishing.  This is a substantially more expensive option!

Preventing Slips

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You will notice that a deck that is not looked after will become extremely slippery in the wet.  This is because a fine mold grows on the boards.  If you do not scrub this off, then the slightest amount of water can make the deck like an ice skating rink.  Not only could you hurt yourself; you may find that someone else injuries themselves on your deck and sues you for their medical bills.

You will certainly wish you had taken every possible precaution then!

Looking Good / Value of House

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It is also important to think about the look of your home; even if you are not currently considering selling.  A good-looking and well-maintained deck will add value and appeal to your home.  The idea that you do not need to worry as you are not planning to sell is short-sighted.  Your circumstances may change and you find yourself needing to sell when you weren’t intending to.  There will be enough jobs to complete without needing to do a deck refinishing project, or worse, have to pay out for a new deck!

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Job Prevention

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Regular maintenance and deck refinishing will keep your deck in the best possible shape.  If you fail to do this then you will suddenly find yourself with a long list of repairs that need to be completed.  This will inevitably be just before you are throwing a dinner party and want the deck to look its best.  Regularly maintaining any equipment is always preferable to a last-minute panic trying to get it up to scratch.  The same is certainly true for deck refinishing and care.

Using Your Deck

deck refinishing ideas
Copy space

You will be happy to use your desk and enjoy company in your garden if you know that it is well maintained and regular deck refinishing has been done.  If you fail to do this it is unlikely that you will have friends around as often and may even lose some friends as they will not have the opportunity to see you!

Deck refinishing does not need to be time-consuming, but it is essential.

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