Signs That College Students are Struggling with Addiction

Signs That College Students are Struggling with Addiction 1

Drug addiction can also be called substance addiction. Besides, this addiction can affect a person’s behavior and brain. Some of the common substances that most people get addicted to are nicotine, marijuana, opioids, and alcohol. Most people do not start taking drugs to forget their problems. They do it for recreational purposes and this slowly turns into an addiction.

The rate at which you become addicted to a substance depends on it. In simple words, you will get addicted to certain substances very quickly, while for some it might take some time. It differs from substance to substance. When an individual gets addicted to a substance, he or she will feel like taking a higher dose. As days go on, the usage of drugs becomes more.

To get rid of drug addiction, you must choose a good addiction inpatient rehab San Fernando Valley center. Looking at the rising number of cases, a lot of rehab centers have come across the world. If you do not have any idea about the rehab centers in the US, choose a popular rehab center like Concise Recovery Center. This rehab center has saved many college students from substance addiction. Speak with their team to get an idea of their treatment options.

Signs That College Students are Struggling with Addiction 2

Signs Of Addiction

Behavioral Changes

You will observe sudden behavioral changes in the individuals who do substance abuse. They behave violently sometimes and keep quiet sometimes. They stop interacting with others much. They ignore their friends, studies, and family members. They will lose control of themselves. Drug abuse is something that cannot be hidden for a long time. It has an overpowering effect, and the individual abusing narcotics can quickly go out of control.

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Physical Changes

Physical symptoms might not show up immediately. In fact, it takes some time to show the changes. People who do substance abuse look different. They look weak all the time. You will observe sudden weight changes in them. They don’t take baths and brush their teeth daily. They look very untidy. The other physical changes that you may observe are insomnia, small or enlarged pupils, slurred speech, and bloodshot eyes.

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Signs That College Students are Struggling with Addiction 3

Overdose signs

When it comes to substance abuse, some of the signs of overdose are delusions, agitation, drowsiness, hallucination, nausea, breathing difficulty, and loss of consciousness.

If you observe any of the above signs, avoid treating them separately. Make sure that you don’t get angry with them. You must stay cool and wait with patience to change them. Avoid forcing them to stop drug abuse all of a sudden, as they might not take it positively. They will try to do more drug abuse, the more you force them. Be with them always and try to divert their mind from drugs and prescription addictive substances. Know what they like and provide them all of that to keep them happy, as this helps in diverting their mind.

Choose a good rehab center in the US today to see your loved ones happy!

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