Side Effects In Human Body Because of Drug Consumption

There are many types of drugs on the market, every drug affects them differently. The effects of drugs vary with each person. Side effects of drugs in an individual depend on the body size, health, the used amount, and the strength of the drug.

types of drugs and different effects

Drugs can affect an individual with long-term or short-term effects. The effects can be psychological, and physical and can make a person dependent. After using a drug, you feel differently, act differently and think differently. You lose control of your own body and mind. There is no safe level to use drugs.

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Different types of drugs and different effects

Drugs affect the central nervous system in your body. They affect the way you think, behave and feel.

There are three types

  • Hallucinogens
  • Depressants
  • Stimulants

Risk and harm related to drugs

types of drugs and different effects

The effects of drugs and how long it stays depend on

  • The type of drugs you used and the strength it has.
  • The way drug was prepared- drugs made at home or in labs may have bacteria that can damage your brain or be a cause of death
  • Your physical body – (height, weight, body fat, age, and metabolism)
  • The amount that you use
  • Your history with the use of drugs
  • the way drug is ingested- inhaling, oral, or injecting. Inhaling and orally taking a drug can turn into overdose and dependence. Using the same injection for drugs can lead to harmful diseases like HIV and hepatitis.
  • The environment, mood, and mental health can change the effect of a drug.
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Physical effects of drug

  • You may find it difficult to think, solve a problem, remember things, or focus.
  • It can affect your organs and other parts of the body like the throat, lungs, liver, etc.
  • If you are pregnant, it can harm your fetus.
  • You can collapse your veins if you inject daily.
  • Erratic behavior.
  • You can have psychosis.
  • Mental illness, depression, anxiety, and death.

Types of common drugs:

types of drugs and different effects

  • Cannabis

Can affect your heart rate and get your blood pressure down.

In extreme cases anxiety, paranoia and psychosis can take place.

Brain functioning can change.

  • Cocaine

Gives extreme energy.

Can cause miscarriage and affect the fetus.

Risk increased in mental health.

types of drugs and different effects

  • Mephedrone

Vomiting, headache, and sweating are common in a few people.

Can affect the nervous system and heart.

Insomnia can be normal.

  • Ecstasy

Makes sounds and color seem more extraordinary.

Overheating and dehydration are common.

The body retains fluid and makes your body stop producing urine.

Drugs are never safe and aren’t a remedy for any illness. Know better about it and save yourself from indulging on the wrong path. It can ruin your mental and physical health and can end with death.

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