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Letting Snow Pile Up on The Roof is An Accident Waiting to Happen

During winters it is a common phenomenon for snow to get accumulated on the roof of the house. Most of the time we tend to put off clearing the snow out of sheer laziness which happens during the colder weather. This piled-up snow can be hazardous to you and your family. Get your roofing company, Vaughan, to help you clear out your roof of snow and also check for damages if any. Following are some reasons why you should not let the snow sit on your roof any longer:

Avoid Severe Structural Damage:

Avoid Severe Structural Damage:

Snow seems light as a feather when falling, but when it accumulates on your roof it starts to create immense pressure on the structure. With fresh snowfall taking place, adds only more to the pressure of the roof. In case old snow hasn’t slid off, it can turn to ice making it even more difficult to clear. If your doors are getting easily jammed, then it is a sign that your roof is under immense pressure. This could lead to serious structural damage to your houses like cracks in the walls and leaks. It is better to call your roofing company, Vaughan to help you clear out the snow rather than getting whole new roofing done.

Ice Dams:

Ice Dams

With central heating, it is easy for heat to escape our houses. Sometimes this heat melts the snow on your roof, which in turn creates ice dams. If your gutter is clogged, then the run-off water would have nowhere to go, giving rise to ice dams. These ice dams can severely damage not only your gutters but also the water removal system of your home.

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Water Logging in your roof:

Water Logging in your roof

Storms in winter not only bring snow but also brings rain, hail, ice, and sleet along with it. With the roof already burdened with snow, the rise in the water level creates more and more pressure. If the gutters are clogged then the water becomes stagnant and slowly starts to seep into your home. There are high chances that the water could freeze in the pipes, causing severe damage to your home’s water system. Even then if it continues, the water starts to slowly come out of the shingles of the roof and cause severe structural damage.

Buried in Snow:

Buried in Snow roof

Not every winter day is snowy. On the sunnier winter days, the snow which has accumulated on the roof of your house will start to melt. There are high chances of this melting snow slipping from the slopes of your roof and falling on your or your family’s head, causing a hazardous accident. So call your roofing company, Vaughan to help you clear the snow from your roof.

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