Red Wine: Is It Really Good For Your Health?


Certain health ailments are more prevalent in some areas of western society than other locales. Doctors, patients and researchers have been looking for the reasons that Americans suffer from higher incidents of heart disease ONLINE GUIDES and cancer than our European counterparts. One glass of wine with dinner is common in areas where grapes are grown and turned into wine. These regions depend on regular consumption of every product to sustain the local economy. Individual quality of life is higher because red wine appears to offer health benefits that work with the hardworking lifestyle and other natural foods.

Healthy Benefits of Red Wine


Measurable improvements in vital signs can be tracked when people with cardiovascular issues begin to drink moderate amounts of red wine each day. People who begin to drink red wine report lower incidents of stress and anxiety. The cardiovascular system appears to respond to the ingredients in red wine. Two to three glasses of red wine has been credited with these health benefits:

  • Lifts HDL cholesterol, or “good” cholesterol, levels
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces the risk of blood clots
  • Prevents arterial damage caused when LDL cholesterol is above recommended levels

Studies Measure Decreased Health Issues


After years of consistent red wine consumption, researchers at the University of Bordeaux noticed some remarkable trends in the death rates from serious illnesses.

  • 30 percent reduction in all causes of death;
  • 35 percent reduction in heart disease deaths;
  • 18-24 percent reduction in cancer deaths.

Drinking wine with a meal allows the digestive system to process antioxidants for maximum effectiveness throughout the body. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, which have been tied to various ailments. Cells can mutate when the free radicals are left unattended. Antioxidants provide the extra electron needed to bind with the free radical and restore the cell to its natural state.


Red wine is consumed more often with a meal than beer or hard liquor. People enjoy the fruity qualities of wine when combined with many different types of foods. Antioxidants in the wine come in two different forms. Each one has important benefits for the red wine drinker.

  1. Flavonoids – The antioxidants that are present in a wide variety of foods, such as oranges, apples, onions, tea and cocoa;
  2. Nonflavonoids – These antioxidants are found in red wine and prevent arterial blockages since the red wine acts as a blood thinner.

The presence of Omega-3 fatty acids in plasma and red blood cells is another noticeable difference in the health of red wine drinkers. This class of fatty acids protects the body from coronary heart disease that can lead to sudden death. Polyphenols in the red wine are credited with increasing the Omega-3 levels.

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Drinking wine each day might be beneficial for the individual with a family history of cardiovascular disease. Concerns about medical problems might be addressed without adding medication to the daily routine. Many people have discovered the benefits of drinking moderate amounts of red wine each day. Consult with a physician when in doubt.

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