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What You Need to Know About Properly Caring for Your Plumbing

It’s easy to forget a few simple rules when maintaining pipes in your home. Plumbing is the only profession that can help people prevent problems from getting more serious. It can be even more frustrating if the plumber is not available at that time. To avoid wasting time and money on repairs, I decided to learn as much as possible from OneStop Plumbers in Corona, CA. Here’s what you can do to avoid major problems with your plumbing:


Moving Into a New Home

Before moving into a new home it is imperative to have it thoroughly inspected for a number of reasons. You need to know where the main valve
is because it is the most secure way of stopping any water flow if there’s a leak. The main valve might not reside within your home but in a utility room. Make sure you have 24/7 access. You also need to know where other valves are so that you avoid puncturing them if you decide to renovate. Check whether you have any pipes nearby before drilling holes or hanging a wall hanging in your home. Marking those spots will prove to be helpful in the future. It is also imperative to identify sewer line access points for several reasons.

Kitchen Sink and Toilet Flushing

A flush of a toilet doesn’t magically eliminate everything. Think carefully about what you flush to avoid clogs. If you don’t pay attention, a major problem will come to the surface, which will involve a lot of work for a plumber.

You also need to think about what you wash down the kitchen drain if you hand-wash the dishes. Keep food residue, bubble gum, and even cigarette butts from pouring down the drain if you want to avoid clogging it. A clog is bound to happen much sooner than you expect if you don’t pay attention to what you choose to pour in. Avoid grease and food particles, which love to mix with sticky materials and create a dam inside your kitchen pipes.


Buy a Plunger

No matter how careful you are, clogs are inevitable, so investing in a high-quality plunger is a smart move. Using a plunger will help you quickly resolve clogged drains. In addition, cleaning agents can be used with them, but they should be applied carefully since they can exacerbate the problem if not employed correctly.

Use a Vacuum

A plunger will not do much use if there are small objects stuck inside the drain. Instead, you can use a vacuum cleaner and try to pull anything that’s within reach. You are better off sucking it out before it sinks any deeper. Sometimes even the vacuum can’t help so it’s best to call a plumber and resolve the issue while it’s not too deep.

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Take Action to Fix Leaky Pipes

It’s annoying to hear your bathroom or kitchen dripping constantly at night, but it’s a sign of a problem you shouldn’t ignore. Even if you don’t mind the sound (you do in most cases), you are still wasting a lot of water you’ll have to pay for on your next bill. Small leaks usually snowball into something more sinister which may lead to expensive and tiring repairs and even entire home renovations.


If you are doing a plumbing job, ensure that everything is working properly afterward to make sure there are no further leaks. The problem may persist even after a professional plumber resolves it. Keep your plumbing healthy by performing regular maintenance. Having a checkup every 6 months is a sound idea.

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