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What Are the Largest Industries in Nashville?

Of course everyone knows about the deep musical roots of a city like Nashville. For most, it’s the absolute nexus of country music. Just on a simple walk downtown, guests will be greeted, time and time again, with musical acts playing at each bar and restaurant. Some are hoping to be the next big thing and others are simply happy to have that small crowd in front of them.


That might raise the question of “When the locals aren’t on either side of the stage, how are they keeping the lights on?’ For those simply curious, and those considering the move and already looking at Nashville Houses for Sale, let’s get to the bottom of it and see what the largest industries are locally.

Service and Entertainment

When thinking about all the bars, restaurants, and venues that have near constant musical acts coming in and out, someone has to keep the place running. In a city with tourism as strong as Nashville, there’s plenty of locals working hard as servers and waiters as well as working in customer service throughout the plenty of downtown businesses.

While everyone might not realize it, there’s a lot more than going into seeing your favorite act live than just those playing in the band. They are who you’ve paid to see, but there’s a lot of engineering that comes into play to make sure they play through their entire setlist without an issue. For that to happen with as little worry as possible, that means plenty of jobs need to be done perfectly.


Many don’t think about the full scope of  healthcare. It’s easy to not do so when doctors and nurses are most of what the general public interact with. It shouldn’t be a surprise that healthcare is an extremely large industry throughout the entire United States and especially in Nashville. Even outside of the local hospitals, there are over 500 different healthcare companies located in the greater Nashville area.

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When combining the workforce of this entire industry, it makes up over 500,000 jobs both as local and remote opportunities. These numbers make healthcare itself the largest employer in Nashville, with over $1.6 billion dollars invested into it over the last 10 years alone. When looking at numbers like that, it’s clear that the companies located in Nashville are driving innovation and what it means to be “cutting edge” in terms of patient care.

Industries in Nashville

Supply Chain Management

Given its perfectly central location to many other major metropolitan hubs throughout both the eastern and midwestern United States, it’s no surprise to think that Nashville has developed itself as an absolute juggernaut for distribution.

Many of the top logistics companies have chosen Nashville as their home and doing so was no accident. The likes of Amazon, Dell, Gap, and many others have made a home in Nashville thanks to how easy it is to access the various markets of both the domestic United States as well as the international markets easily accessible from the eastern half of the country.

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