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A Few Reasons Why it is Important to Perform Asbestos Survey

For any construction work, asbestos surveys are usually performed to establish the risks present in the material used for the construction work. It is also important to meet the conditions of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

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What is an Asbestos Survey?

If there is a need to do any kind of work amongst asbestos-containing materials, then as part of the process of health and safety risk management, an asbestos survey is needed before work starts.

The basic objective of an asbestos survey is to:

  • Find the number of asbestos-containing materials, and record it and also its location
  • Properly document how this material is accessible and its condition and whether there are any surface materials
  • Also, recognize the type of asbestos that is present

The following are the 3 reasons for performing an asbestos survey before starting your construction work.

1. Risk assessment

Most of the countries have banned asbestos use in their construction project. Earlier this material was extensively used in the construction industry. It was established that by inhaling asbestos fibers one can get lung cancer and many other serious diseases.

If this risk assessment is not done then there is every possibility that residents can come in contact with such asbestos-containing material. Many of the old buildings might have also used asbestos, where the risk is much higher.

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Also, under normal circumstances, any resident can potentially damage anything in the building that may be containing asbestos and hence doing a survey is very important to pinpoint the presence of the potentially hazardous material to ensure nobody will come in contact with it.

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2. Safety

In case, you want to remodel, redesign, or rebuild your existing home, it is important to conduct an asbestos survey as a precautionary measure as asbestos may get released into the air.

The basic objective of conducting such a survey is to establish whether there is any presence of asbestos materials so that the building is safe for remodeling.

Any professional company must be hired to survey for asbestos presence who can handle the survey work safely, by following all the required security measures.

3. Only an asbestos survey can identify the presence of asbestos

There is no other way available to know the asbestos presence other than conducting a proper survey professionally.

As per the regulation that has presently been enforced in the UK, all individual property owners must ensure proper asbestos management, which includes such risk assessment for asbestos-containing materials.

All landlords and employers are also supposed to ensure proper safety against any exposure to asbestos. It is important to understand that failure to follow this rule may cause a serious health hazard.

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A professional asbestos survey is the most reliable way of protecting both yourself as well as the people around you from any danger of asbestos exposure. The UK government has therefore enforced this law for all builders, landlords, as well as employers.

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