Important Facts to Know About TMS Therapy

TMS Therapy

TMS is a kind of brain stimulation therapy that uses magnetic fields to stimulate the brain. This non-invasive treatment stimulates nerve cells with electromagnetic pulses, which may help with symptoms of neurological and mental health conditions. TMS is primarily utilized in the treatment of depression. It is effective in successfully treating all those who don’t react to psychotherapy or antidepressants. TMS has shown great results in curing patients with Parkinson’s disease and anxiety.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation, otherwise commonly known as TMS involves repetitive electrical impulses. There are so many treatment centers where you can find this treatment. However, if you are looking for the best TMS therapy for depression in Orange County, you could choose a treatment center like OAMFM. This treatment center has the best clinicians in the US, which means you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

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What are the benefits of TMS therapy?

TMS Therapy

  • Depression: TMS is commonly used to treat depressive disorder (MDD), which is also known as depression. It’s usually suggested for people who haven’t gotten any relief from medicine or psychotherapy. Some of the symptoms of depression include appetite changes and sleeplessness. TMS therapy stimulates the nerve cells and reduces depression.
  • Anxiety: Some of the symptoms of anxiety are being irritable, feeling restless, will not be able to focus on any work, feeling worried, and having sleep problems. TMS therapy calms down your anxiety and makes you feel relaxed. According to researchers, one of the reasons for anxiety is increased nerve cell activity. As TMS therapy can reduce nerve cell activity, it is recommended for patients with anxiety.
  • PTSD: PTSD is simply post-traumatic stress disorder. Besides, it is a mental health issue that occurs when an individual experiences or watches a terrifying incident. Intense anxiety, nightmares, and flashbacks are some of the common symptoms of PTSD. TMS therapy would be extremely beneficial for the conditions like PTSD according to the researchers.
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tms therapy

  • Schizophrenia: Schizophrenia is a dangerous mental illness in which patients have aberrant perceptions of reality. Schizophrenia can include hallucinations and profoundly abnormal thoughts and behavior, which can make it difficult to function on a daily basis. Individuals with these conditions need treatment for their lifelong. Most people choose TMS therapy for this kind of problem.
  • Chronic Pain: Most people experience chronic pain and depression together. And, this chronic pain can make anyone uncomfortable. In fact, people with chronic will not able to do any of their work comfortably. TMS therapy is proven to show some good results on chronic pain.
  • Nicotine Addiction: A lot of people are suffering from nicotine addiction nowadays across the world. Many people are spoiling their health with nicotine addiction. As TMS therapy can reduce nicotine addiction, you could choose it without giving a second thought. When you take TMS therapy, you will not feel the need for nicotine anymore. If you have any of your friends with nicotine addiction, do suggest this treatment to see them healthy and happy.

Do try the TMS therapy in a reputed treatment center and you will definitely feel satisfied looking at the results!

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