How to have Fun on Halloween without all the Candy Involved

One could be at any age; Halloween is a memorable time for everyone. Planning your costumes months beforehand and decorating your house. Be it the haunted houses you find around your block, the horror movies you and your friends watch, or even those occasional uses of the Ouija board. Halloween is expected to be perfect and blissful, only to have your kids or younger siblings ruin it because of their sugar rush from all the candy. Apart from the exasperating sugar rush, many health concerns such as obesity and heart disease come from consuming too much sugar. Here are some ways you can entertain the little ones on Halloween without candy.

Frightening and hair rising movies

fun on Halloween

Halloween is all about spookiness. What better way to celebrate a spine-chilling holiday than to have a scary movie marathon all night long. A good movie gets everyone in the family consumed. Try not to choose films from the horror movies genre since we don’t want to traumatize the child. Some great recommendations would be Hocus Pocus, Monster House, and Tim Burton’s The Night Before Christmas. You can also make some Halloween-themed snacks for the family to enjoy while watching the movies, such as popcorn or caramel apples. If you have a backyard, invite some friends and family over. Get yourself a projector and host a movie night right in your backyard. With the Halloween decoration, the costumes, and the scary movies, you got Halloween all covered.

Test out creative skills on a pumpkin

Test out creative skills on a pumpkin

Nothing beats the traditional rituals, pumpkin cravings being one of them. Take the entire family out to your nearest pumpkin patch and let them choose their favorite pumpkin to be turned into jack-o’-lantern. Let your kids channel their inner artist when craving these pumpkins. Always remember not to let children use sharp objects without adult supervision. When you gut out the pumpkin, you can also use the seed discarded from the pumpkin. Toast them to make yummy treats for the kids and adults. Try not to waste them as they have many nutritional benefits for us.

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Let the little chefs over the kitchen for the day

We can use those Halloween cookie cutters hiding in the top cabinet for a lot more than just making sweet treats in the kitchen. Use these cutters to make spooky-shaped sandwiches, or you could create some terrifying designs using the topping on your pizza to give the usual pizza nights a spooky twist for Halloween. You can wrap some dough around some sausages and make them look like mummies. You can also dye any dip red and serve “finger” food with it. There are endless variations for creativity when it comes to savory treats on Halloween.

Halloween-themed family game night

Family game nights are a great way to bring the entire family, regardless of age, together and have loads of fun. There are so many Halloween-themed games that can fill the room up with waves of laughter and create some fantastic memories—you can also just pick your favorite games and give it a spooky twist and call it a night, to be honest. Games like wrapping your team member up to make them look like a mummy or pinning the face on the pumpkin to turn it into a jack-o’-lantern are great ways to make sure no one is bored Halloween night.

Fun family costumes

It’s a given when we say dressing up or wearing costumes is an essential part of Halloween. You can make dressing up a little more fun by bringing your family together and following a Halloween theme for your outfits. You can gather around vote from everyone in the family and decide on a favorite cartoon or TV show family such as the Adams family or the Ghostbusters (take down all the ghosts on Halloween) and dress up as them.

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Giving the house a spooky makeover

house a spooky makeover

Where is the fun at Halloween if your house is just going to look boring? Give your home a spooky makeover. You could drape store-bought spider webs in different places around the house and try to make them look as realistic as possible. Put candles everywhere. Nothing beats a candle when it comes to scary, because adding just a simple candle can automatically add a spooky touch. You can add some glow-in-the-dark objects and disguise them as everyday decoration pieces, just to surprise your children at night. You can also hang spooky pictures around your house. If you have younger children, be sure not to decorate your home too creepy, or the little ones might be afraid to be in their own house.

Visit the nearest corn maze

Put on a good pair of walking shoes for yourself and your kids and go to the nearest corn maze. Check the policy of the corn maze you are planning on visiting. If they allow food and beverages, prepare for a small picnic for her entire family while you’re at the corn maze. Make sure to tell everyone to put on sunscreen before you leave and carry a bug spray with you at all times. If you have little kids, we would suggest not visiting the corn maze at night as kids can easily get lost; even if you do visit a corn maze at night, be sure to carry a flashlight along.

You can never go wrong with smores

never go wrong with smores

Smores are a classic, and there is no question about them. Imagine a cold, breezy October night. All you want to do is curl up next to a good old campfire and make yourself and your kids some tasty warm smores. Be sure to keep an eye on the kids if they are toasting their own marshmallows since we don’t want anyone burning or hurting themself this Halloween. This activity is the most iconic fall activity, and what better day to do it than Halloween. Don give your kids too much sugar to avoid the sugar rush.

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