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Common Concrete Contractor Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

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Concrete material is versatile for your patio, driveway, sidewalk, etc. around the house, and even in the driving or walking areas surrounding the office premises. Stamped or patterned concrete designs resemble brick, wood, marble, slate, granite, etc. So, it is a great material option to enhance your outdoor spaces. 

Even for DIY enthusiasts working with concrete is a chaotic and tedious task. It is better to hire professional concrete contractors, it is worth it. Before you approach concrete contractors OKC for your sidewalk project there are some factors to consider. Homeowners make common errors while hiring concrete contractors, which leaves them unsatisfied. Below are some helpful tips to avoid common concrete contractor hiring mistakes.

Clearly Communicate Your Wants

For having results as expected it is essential to discuss your needs clearly. Never leave it to chance. Communicate and agree on details. When you meet them show some examples you collected from the internet. Even discuss colors and style. However, you will need to do some research online to gain inspiration and education about different concrete design styles.

Sign Detailed Contract

Ask if the Contractor has Handled Similar Work

If you choose to go for stamped or decorative concrete style to create a unique outdoor space then it will need to be conducted accurately. You need to find out if the potential concrete contractor has eyes for detailing right from the beginning till the end. 

Check their gallery to review their portfolio. You can even ask for referrals to know their working style. Ask about experience, licensing, and insurance. 

Sign Detailed Contract

Doing business with a general contract or a simple handshake is not a great idea. The contract must-have details about the project as well as expectations clearly outlined. It keeps the contractor on track and miscommunication or confusion is avoided. 

The contract will involve deadlines, site-cleaning responsibility, supplies needed, and a backup plan in case of delays or complications. Ask about warranties and how many workers will there be onsite. The contract must even include the payment terms. 

Go with Your Instinct

Never Pay the Total Amount before Work is Completed

If it is your first time hiring a contractor then it is normal to be unsure about the down payment amount to give the contractor. The reasonable amount is 10% of the overall project price. Set payment installments tied to project progress. If the contractor asks for 50% then move away to another contractor. You need to negotiate the down payment terms because contractors expect negotiations and are willing to make counteroffers. 

Go with Your Instinct

Choosing the correct contractor is based on your due diligence and what feels right according to your gut. If your instinct says no then listen to it. A reputable concrete contractor respects their client’s right to choose. They will not force homeowners to hire their services. 

Choose a professional concrete contractor, who is passionate about his work. They treat your home as their home and strive to offer clients the best available styles for decorative concrete sideways or driveways or patios. 

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