Do You Know Why It Is Important Always to Carry Your Business Card?

Business professionals should always have a business card on hand with them to be ready for various professional interactions.

While they might only prepare you for some situations, and also are crucial for sharing essential business information.

Like how certain text stands out in color in magazines or newspapers, or specific parts of product packaging have a glossy finish for emphasis, spot UV is a printing technique that adds visual interest to your business card.

This glossy finish enhances aesthetic appeal, making your card more memorable and visually striking for potential contacts and clients.

PrintshaQ is a comprehensive printing company providing services for businesses, including plastic, postcards, brochures, menus, stickers, and more.

Currently recognized as the leading business card printing service in the USA, it also offers the option to create Spot UV Business Cards.

Business Card

What is spot UV?

UV coating is a finish employing polymer resin and ultraviolet light, adding a glossy, protective layer to printed materials. It hardens when exposed to UV radiation, enhancing design and durability.

Spot UV coating is a specific UV technique that adds extra shine to selected areas on your business card. This targeted application emphasizes specific words or images, creating a striking contrast and adding a unique visual appeal to the printed material.

Utilizing spot UV coating is an excellent method to make text or logos stand out, significantly enhancing the overall appearance of your business card.

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Why is carrying a business card essential?

1. To easily share information

Being ready for professional interactions with an information request is essential. Any encounter might lead to a business card exchange, whether networking or casually chatting. Keeping cards on hand ensures preparedness.

While sharing contact information verbally is an option, reliance on someone’s memory or technical glitches can result in lost opportunities.

A physical business card exchange eliminates these uncertainties, providing a tangible and lasting connection that can be revisited when needed.

2. To bridge cultural divides

Business Card

In certain professional settings, exchanging business cards is not just a request, but an expectation. This practice is particularly significant in Japanese business culture, emphasizing formality and respect.

When exchanging cards in Japan, a bow accompanies the presentation, holding the card in the right hand. Placing received cards in a cardholder, not a wallet or pocket, is customary.

For those engaging with international professionals, having a business card for formal interactions is essential, as it facilitates information exchange and nurtures potential relationships.

3. To leave a lasting impression

Business cards make a lasting impression, aiding memory in networking or international encounters. Unique features like Spot UV, a shiny finish, enhance visual and tactile appeal.

Preparing your card is crucial for diverse professional interactions, ensuring easy future contact. For distinctive Spot UV business cards, Silk Cards offer a unique and memorable touch, making your interactions stand out.

Importance of social media

In addition to a business card, establishing a social media presence, particularly on Instagram, is also crucial for modern success, enhancing visibility and connecting with a broader audience.

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