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Can Smart Thermostats Save Energy and Money?

HVAC in homes and businesses is essential to maintain an indoor space environment. However, in fall or spring, you have to increase the temperature in the morning because it is a little cool and turn it down in the afternoon. Constantly making changes to maintain indoor comfort level is a task.

Smart Thermostats

Smart features of smart thermostats

For a typical household, HVAC systems account for nearly 50% of the annual energy bill. With smart home thermostat installation, you can reduce this cost.

Remote access

Smart thermostats work like regular ones. It can be controlled via a smartphone app. You can even use a touchpad on the device like a traditional thermostat. This remote control feature allows you to gain access to your HVAC system from anywhere. Even if you forgot to turn the heating or cooling off, there is no need to return home but gain access remotely to the system.

Learning abilities

Some smart thermostats learn your preferences and schedule. Soon, it learns the schedule to turn the temperature up and when to get it down. Gradually, it takes those tasks efficiently from you.

Intuitive scheduling

The smart security systems are Wi-Fi enabled. Depending on the chosen model you can configure when to turn the HVAC system on or off. This reduces the manual operation automatically, even when you are away on a vacation you can configure different temperatures as it is Wi-Fi enabled.

Control indoor air quality 

Smart Thermostats

The manual thermostat controls your HVAC system only but some smart thermostats capably control home indoor quality. Pair the thermostat with a compatible air purifier and keep the indoor air quality clean. In the winter, integrate the smart thermostat with humidifier and dehumidifier to control indoor humidity in winter and summer, accordingly.

Monitor outdoor conditions

Smart thermostats designed to track air quality, humidity level, temperature, etc. in the local area are helpful. You can plan your entire day as well as schedule the heating and cooling, accordingly.


With high customization levels, smart home electronics offers details about energy usage patterns. It reveals the amount of energy used to keep the home environment comfortable in summer and winter. Several devices even compare heater and AC usage to an average household in the neighborhood with useful updates. It reveals how much energy you are spending or saving. Even a gentle reminder to conserve energy!

Can a smart thermostat save energy and money?

Obviously yes, but how much will depend on homeowners’ habits. You have to stay dedicated and reprogram the thermostat frequently. Turn the control off when you go out. You can remotely cool or heat the indoors from the car on your way home. When you set the thermostat in auto or eco mode, it allows increasing or lowering temperature accordingly based on external ambient conditions.

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Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are extremely costly but the benefits mentioned above outweigh their cost. People can easily adopt cost-cutting habits, but start being conscious about the real energy usage that they never did before.

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